Saratoga Crackers
Contact: Gavin Alger
Address: PO Box 222 Middle Grove, NY, 12850
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Phone: 518-527-4407
About Us
Saratoga Crackers started as an idea, like anything else. In 2009, our Mom had an idea for a snack - a delicious and healthy snack. That idea has overflowed into more than fifteen unique crackers using the purest ingredients possible, forming what we call a "clean food."

We never use preservatives or artificial ingredients in our crackers. The wheat flour we use is not enriched with synthetic additives, nor bleached or bromated. We prefer extra virgin olive oil over cheaper alternatives because of its rich health benefits and the light crispness it lends to the crackers. Even our cheeses are grated fresh in-house to avoid any anti-caking agents or preservatives. Only our sweet flavors contain a hint of sugar, and dairy is present exclusively in the crackers containing cheese; no butter or eggs are used. And, unlike most products and companies, there is absolutely no soy in our bakery. We go to great lengths to be sure that we are creating a product to be proud of.

Not only do we create awesome crackers but our horse enthusiasm runs deep. Each cracker flavor’s label has a photograph of one of our horses or of horse racing photos in which our Grandpa is the jockey.
We are located about fifteen minutes from the famous and historic Saratoga Racetrack which inspired the elegant horse tribute in our packaging.

To be able to offer Saratoga Crackers to others who also appreciate the importance of healthful and clean foods is a gift to us. Because we are baking for our family and friends as well as our valued customers, you can be sure that you will receive the freshest and most wholesome cracker. Our mom worked hard to create the recipes and to provide this clean snack for her family; Now you can enjoy it too.

-The Saratoga Crackers® Crew