Echo Creek Farm
Contact: Mike Palulis, Jennifer Palulis
Address: Salem, NY Salem, NY,
Email Address:
Phone: 518-854-7736
About Us
Echo Creek Farm is a small certified organic vegetable farm in Salem, New York. We grow a diverse range of vegetables but have a strong focus on greens. We have been farming since 2013 and love producing healthy organic produce.
We are certified organic through NOFA-NY. The majority of our work is done by hand with five acres in production. Our farm produces from both fields and tunnels. We strive toward our farm system having a high intensive crop rotation balanced with healthy soil and farm practices. These practices include pulling weeds by hand, using mulches to conserve water, managing a healthy soil, and using crop rotation and cover cropping just to name a few. We believe in building up the soil to produce a healthier product.